Frequently asked questions

What is Varilux S Series™?

The Varilux S Series provides you with limitless vision. Thanks to three revolutions based on the most sophisticated advances in optics and the knowledge of wearer physiology: Nanoptix™ Technology is a revolution in lens technology that ensures stability in motion; SynchronEyes™ Technology is a revolution in physiological science that provides expansive vision; 4D Technology™ revolutionizes personalized lenses by taking into account for the first time the leading, dominant eye to help patients experience Faster Visual Reaction Time™.

Are Varilux S Series lenses better than existing Varilux products?

Yes. Varilux S Series is a new standard in progressive lenses with three revolutionary technologies.

Does the Varilux S Series have all of the previous Varilux® lens technologies?

Yes, in addition to the new revolutionary technologies, the Varilux S Series includes W.A.V.E. Technology 2™ and all of the benefits associated with it.

Who is the ideal patient for the Varilux S Series?

Every presbyope will benefit from the performance of the Varilux S Series.

Some examples of patients include:

  • New presbyopes
  • Current Varilux wearers
  • Current progressive wearers
  • Current bi-focal wearers
Does the Varilux S Series have patented technology?

Yes, the Varilux S Series is based on 13 new patents:

  • Nanoptix™ Technology: 4
  • SynchronEyes™ Technology: 2       
  • 4D™ Technology: 2   
  • S Digital Surfacing™: 5