Wearer Test Results

Approved by Wearers

Varilux S Series™ have been tested and approved by wearers from all over the world.

They highlighted the excellence of Varilux S Series over Varilux Physio Enhanced*.

Varilux S Series is #1 on every feature.

  • Overall Vision
  • Distance Vision
  • Intermediate Vision
  • Near Vision
  • Dynamic Vision when subject is moving
  • Dynamic Vision when surroundings are moving
  • Adaptation
  • Vision quality

What Patients said about Varilux S Series:

  • Overall distortion isn’t visible anymore
  • I have to move my head less to focus
  • I feel less of a sensation of things moving when I turn my head

Based on average evaluations - Comparative Wearer Test (Varilux S Design vs Varilux Physio Enhanced) conducted by independent 3rd parties - worldwide – 2011.

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